Book Cellar

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I use both nonfiction and fiction books to develop my self-reliant knowledge and thinking. I've also tried to post reviews and recommendations for some of the books that we've found useful in that way. However, I've had some requests for a single list of book recommendations, so I've established this page for quick and easy reference.

Wherever available, the titles below are linked to our review of them. In many cases, I haven't gotten to a full review of that title yet (but I will). Nevertheless, my including a title on this list means that it has something worthwhile to make it worth recommending. Basically, this means that each of these books would score four stars or higher on my five-star scale.

As mentioned above, I don't yet have reviews for several of the following titles. For books without a review, I've linked to the relevant page on so that you can check them out and see others' reviews. Of course, if you planning to buy the book, we'd appreciate your doing to while you're on the Amazon website.

A final note: this list is very much a work in progress. Over time, I will grow the list and add more reviews, so please check back regularly!

Self-Reliant and How-To Nonfiction

Emergency Preparedness Nonfiction

Self-Reliance Fiction

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (solo books)

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (series)