12 July 2012

The Vocabulary of Self-Reliance: BOB, INCH, & EDC — what's your bag?

Today, we look at the different categories of portable emergency kits: BOB, INCH, and EDC:

BOB: This stands for Bug-Out Bag, and it refers to an emergency kit that you can take with you as you evacuate your home or other location. A BOB is sometimes referred to as an Evac Kit or a 72-Hour Kit; the latter is because most experts recommend having 72 hours (3days) worth of supplies in each BOB, with one BOB for each person in your group. Because a BOB is intended for "bugging out" (evacuating), you'll want your it to be in easily transported containers (e.g., backpacks, duffel bags, or old luggage). (Click here for more information on BOB.)

INCH: This term is usually defined as I'm Never Coming Home or sometimes as I'm Not Coming Home. Either way, it often refers to a more specific type of evacuation kit. The INCH kit is used when you are evacuating and believe it's a one-way trip. One approach to INCH is to have a regular BOB, and supplement it with another pack containing any irreplaceable items that you want/must have. This can include copies of important documents (deeds, wills, licenses, etc.), photographs, valuables, or heirlooms.

EDC: This stands for EveryDay Carry. It can refer to a pretty wide variety of items and methods of carrying them. However, the common feature is that they are things that you carry with you at all times. Many people have an EDC "kit" in the things they carry in their pockets. Others carry things they use regularly, or might need, in a purse or backpack.

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