26 July 2012

The Vocabulary of Self-Reliance: SIP, GOOD, & BOV

With the pending changes to our posting schedule here on SRI, we're discussing Bugging Out, GOOD, BOV, Bugging In, and SIP:    ツ

GOOD: This stands for Get Out Of Dodge, and is a term coined by James Wesley, Rawles of SurvivalBlog.com. GOOD means the same thing as "Bugging Out" or evacuating. If the SHTF, and you need to GOOD, you typically put your BOB in your BOV (see below) and head out to your BOL. Part of good prepping is to develop your GOOD plan before you need it.

BOV: This term refers to a Bug-Out Vehicle, which is some method of transportation that you plan to use to GOOD (see above) to your BOL when the SHTF. You BOV can be a bicycle, moped, motorcycle, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), car, or truck; the choice depends on your specific needs, like how many people you need to transport, how much gear you're taking, where you're going and for how long, etc. (Click here for more information on BOV.)

SIP: This means Shelter In Place, sometimes also referred to as "Bugging In" or "hunkering down." In this situation, you're dealing with  SHTF by staying in your current location and weathering the storm, either literally or figuratively. Of course, it's important to plan ahead of time regarding when you'll GOOD (see above) or SIP. Of course, when you SIP, you'll still also need to be sure you have a basic emergency kit and a good supply of food and water.

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