17 July 2012

Quote for today on staying in the moment

It is not fear that grips him... only a heightened sense of things.

(from the movie 300)

This line is the focal point of a somewhat longer narrative:
The wolf begins to circle the boy. Claws of black steel, fur as the dark night... eyes glowing red, jewels from the pit of hell itself. The giant wolf sniffing... savouring the scent of the meal to come. It is not fear that grips him... only a heightened sense of things. Cold air in his lungs... wind-swept pines moving against the coming night. His hands are steady... his form perfect.
(You can click Dilios' name above to see the relevant part of the movie, or click the movie name above to watch the entire thing.)

As we look around, we may not face real wolves, but that doesn't mean that we don't face terrible, life-threatening situations or events. When facing any danger, the key to responding successfully is to keep your wits about you.

In the narrative above, Leonidas doesn't give in to fear or panic; instead, he stays in the moment — so much so that his senses are hyper-alert. He hears, smells, and feels everything as time seems to slow down. His focus on this very moment allows him to remain calm and act decisively.

This is what we want to emulate when we're faced with a threat, whether it's a sudden attack or a longer-term threat to our lifestyle, like losing a job. Either way, giving in to fear or despair is essentially living in the future, and will not be productive.

Staying in the present moment, evaluating your options, making a plan of action, and then acting on that plan will be far more productive.

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