04 June 2012

Reminder: June is National Pet Preparedness Month!

As a reminder, June is National Pet Preparedness Month.

Like we've mentioned before, preparedness involves looking out for the furry members of your family in your planning.

Here's information to get you going on expanding your prepping to include your pets:

  • First, read How to Prepare Your Pets for Disaster: This is one of our Self-Reliant Info posts from last February. With a pretty comprehensive how-to list, it's a good place to start.

  • Next, read  Do you have a pet bug-out bag?: Another of our posts, but from Farm Dreams. This article will help you put together an evacuation kit for your pet.

  • Also, have a first-aid manual for your pets: Don't forget to have a good first aid reference manual for your specific type of pet. There are many pet first aid books available on Amazon.com; I've used the American Red Cross' Pet First Aid: Cats & Dogs since it first came out, and it's a very useful book. It doesn't replace a qualified veterinarian, of course, but it will definitely help in an emergency.

  • Check out Nylabone's Dog Emergency & Disaster Preparedness page: This is a good overview on dealing with many common emergencies your dog might face, along with touching on disaster preparedness. Although this is from a pet product manufacturer, this page doesn't push their merchandise; their one token "advertisement" within the text is a link to their "product finder" at the very end of the article — nicely done, in my opinion.

  • Read this American Humane Association post on creating a Pet Preparedness Kit: It's a short list, with some items that are fairly obvious (food, water, leash, and collar) and some that aren't (a photo of your pet with their ID and a photo of you with your pet).

  • Take a look at the APPA's reminder page on National Pet Preparedness Month: Yes, it's advocating buying products for your pets, but the American Pet Products Association (APPA) is a not-for-profit trade association. Plus, the information on this page may be helpful if you do actually need to buy some of the supplies mentioned in the articles above.

Do you have any other favorite pet preparedness resources, or have you had any experience with pets and disasters? If so, please share below!

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