15 May 2012

Ramen — the prepper's friend

For your prepping supplies, are you looking for a food that's lightweight, long-lasting, easy to prepare, and versatile? If so, Ramen may fit the bill!

According to Maruchan, Ramen has a shelf life of a year. Plus, each package weighs just about 3 ounces and is a convenient "brick" shape, making them easy to store or to pack in a "go bag" (i.e., bug-out bag). Ramen is inexpensive too, since you can get some flavors for less than 25¢ per package.

Recently, I was advised of the Ramen infographic, which offers some trivia-type information about the noodles, but also has some good tips on using your Ramen noodles (check out the Dandelion Ramen!). Enjoy! (For other Ramen recipes, check out Maruchan's website or download the PDF file.)

We Love Ramen Infographic
Created by: HackCollege.com

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