10 May 2012

Looking for a new place to live? Check these maps first.

Are you looking to relocate? Perhaps you're looking for a new bug-out location. Or, do you want to find a homestead to live a more self-reliant lifestyle? No matter what your reason, you'll want to check out the following maps of the United States to see how your potential new digs check out before you commit. (Click on any of these maps to see them larger.)

Population and Growth Trends, 1970 – 2030 (from 2000)

Climate Zones (from 2006)

Weather-Related Disasters, 2006 – 2011 (from 2012)

Plant Hardiness Zones (from 2012)
Note: Clicking this image will take you to the USDA's interactive map, which allows you to zoom in and see more detail.

Food Production, Animals Population Density (from 2007)

Food Production, Crop Density (from 2007)

Late-Night Update, 10 May 2012
Per request, here are links to some similar Canadian maps:

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