01 May 2012

How to have a happy and self-reliant Mother's Day

Mother's Day is May 13 this year.
My lovely wife, Anita is back with tips on how avoid stormy weather on Mother's Day. I've added a few editorial comments, but I've tried to behave to stay out of trouble with the missus!   ツ

Hey you men preppers! Let me give you a head's up (and my own darling husband at the same time) — Mother's Day is coming soon!

Yes, I know, some of you will say,"Well, my wife's not my mother!"

If she is a mother of a child then you better get yourself together. It's up to you to round up your little darlings and get them involved in preparing for that special day. Besides, what better way to spend time with the children and make their mom feel special?

Making homemade gifts is even better. Teaching children how to make things for themselves will enrich their lives for years to come. Mother's love gifts from their children, especially if they were made by their children. Anything from crafting, cooking or even a shopping trip to the mall, will be a special memory for the child. [Editor's note: a bear-hunting trip to get Mom a new bear-skin rug will be memorable too, but I digress...]

A side benefit of allowing children to choose what to make Mom, or even what to buy her, is that it will also build their self esteem.

Another idea, and one to cherish, is to have a photo taken of the children... or better yet, you and the children together. After the picture is taken, have the children pick out a special frame or even make their own. Slip the picture in the frame and wrap it up while the children make homemade Mother's day cards. Mom will love it!

Need more ideas for do-it-yourself gifts? Visit the Mother’s Day Gifts article on the Home Made Simple website for the details on the following ideas:

  • Paint-dipped crafts
  • Homemade bath salts
  • Seed tape
  • Beaded jewelry
  • Edible gifts
  • Feather-topped bottles
  • Repurposed t-shirt accessories
  • Clever jewelry organizers
  • Handmade flower accessories
  • Kitchenaid® stand mixer [Editor's note: this isn't exactly DIY....]
  • Homemade stationery
  • Wearable memories
  • Repurposed tea wreath
  • Pressed flower coasters
  • Wax-coated photos
  • Kitchenaid® food processor  [Editor's note: Oh, I get it: they must've sponsored the article.  ツ ]
  • Family tree calendar
  • Colorful silhouettes
  • Simple sun prints
  • Pretty pinwheel pins
  • Home Made Simple: Fresh Ideas to Make Your Own

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