07 May 2012

Have checked out the new, free "Prepare" online magazine?

In case you missed it last month, a new online magazine for preppers launched last month, called Prepare. Today, we'll briefly review the first issue.

Prepare is a pretty nicely done, especially considering that it's available online for free!

The first issue was the May 2012 issue. Its topics include:
  • The Yurt: an overview of yurts, great for those interested in trying one out.
  • Making the Move to an RV! This is a great article in question-and-answer format, all about the pros and cons of RV living.
  • Emergency Shelters: A brief discussion on emergency shelters, with a few tips on setting one up or making one.
  • Review: This is a review of the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill.
  • The Prepper's List: Advice on writing better preparedness to-do lists.
  • Preparing in New York City: this article is geared more toward the newer prepper, talking about some of the differences for urban prepping and some beginning tips.
  • Whole Wheat Bread Baking: A good, basic article on whole-wheat bread baking. (But, don't forget our whole-wheat bread information too.)
  • Surviving After a Flood: Tips on dealing with a serious flood and its aftermath.
  • Doodsday Survival... This is a brief page on why we should prepare: as a faith-driven, self-reliant lifestyle, rather than a fearful reaction to current events.

I recommend giving Prepare a try. There's some good information, even if it's a bit basic for those who've been prepping for a while. Besides, you can't beat the price!

If you like what you see, you can subscribe via the link on the magazine's main page: www.preparemag.com

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