31 May 2012

Ch- ch- ch- changes... for the better!

Just a quick update on our blogging schedule and content. Starting this week, we've updated our post schedule:

We're making these changes to help us better focus on our mission of consistently providing you the best and most practical self-reliance and preparedness information.

You'll also notice a couple of new pages at the top of the blog.

We've rolled out our initial Words of Wisdom page, which collects our favorite quotes and saying on being prepared and living a self-reliant life. It currently has just a few of the latest quotes we've posted. Eventually, it will have all of them.

We've also launched our draft Glossary page. The glossary will make it easier to link to frequently used terms, and also provide a handy resource for people new to preparedness, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency. As of this writing, there are no definitions listed (sorry), but we'll be adding to the page regularly, so please check back regularly.

As always, if you have suggestions or requests, please e-mail me via the address on the Author Bio page. Thank you for reading!

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