05 April 2012

Spring Break: Our top Prep30 and Book Recommendation posts as chosen by our readers

As we continue our Spring Break recap week, we're taking a look at two more of our most frequently viewed topics on Self-Reliant Info.

To emphasize National Preparedness Month in September 2011, we ran the Prep30 series of posts, featuring a preparedness-related topic each day of the month.

Another popular category is our Book Recommendations, which are very popular too.

Below are the top three posts from each of these two categories:

#3. Store Less, Accomplish More, part 1: Bleach: The "Store Less, Accomplish More" (SLAM) series of posts was actually a subset of the Prep30 series. The SLAM posts focused on things that you can store, have a good shelf life, and a large number of uses. This post kicked the series off, and focuses on the very useful item of bleach. It specifically mentions sodium hypochlorite too, and how to use it to make bleach, since liquid bleach doesn't store very well.
#2. Heating your home without electricity: I suspect that this post may have been slightly more popular since the Prep30 series ran in the fall, with winter approaching. The post talks about a few alternative heating methods to consider for when the electricity goes out.
#1. Store Less, Accomplish More, part 8: Honey: Actually, we continued the SLAM series beyond last September, and the most popular post in the  Prep30 series is actually the latest one in that series. Honey lasts for a long time (almost indefinitely under the right conditions), is tasty, and extremely useful in cooking and fighting infection.
Book Recommendations
#3. "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen: This was the book that started me actively down the road to preparedness. In preparedness circles, it's a pretty widely recommended book too. This is my official review of the novel, and one that many have found helpful in deciding to buy and read the book.
#2. Seven self-reliance magazines (and websites!) that you can't afford to miss: While not technically about "books," the magazines are excellent resources for those interested in learning preparedness and self-reliance skills. The links to the free information on each of the magazines' websites is an added bonus, and helps make this a popular page on our site.
#1. The Self-Reliant Info Book Cellar: Okay, this is actually a page on  Self-Reliant Info, not a post. Nonetheless, it has a categorized list of the books — fiction and nonfiction — that I've found most helpful and useful in guiding my self-reliance and preparedness. I've gotten much positive feedback on having this list around, and it's one of the overall most popular destinations on our site.
That's another two of our most popular categories, and their top posts. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know below!

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