03 April 2012

Spring Break: Our top Firearms and Recipe posts as chosen by our readers

After our Top 5 posts of all time yesterday, we're continuing our Spring Break recap week with a look at two of our most frequently viewed topics on Self-Reliant Info.

Although it's one of our newest areas with a small number of posts, our Firearms topics has still managed to rack up up more readership than almost any other topic on the site.

Likewise, our Recipe Box posts are consistently popular and are near the top in overall readership.

Below are the top three posts from each of these two categories:

#3. Practical advice on situational awareness and firearm self-defense: This is a post with several videos from firearms expert Massad Ayoob with tips on staying alert and other gun-related advice.
#2. Considerations for selecting the right type and size of firearm: For the beginning gun buyer, making the decision to actually own a firearm is just the beginning. Figuring out what kind(s) of gun to buy is the next big step. This post will help you work through some of that.
#1. 5 resources for the beginning gun buyer: Our most popular firearms post so far and actually made #3 of all time (so far) in our Top 5 posts listed yesterday. As we mentioned there, this post simply shares some print and online resources that are helpful in figuring out what owning a gun is all about.

Recipe Box
#3. Milk- and wheat-free bread from food storage: Dealing with food allergies can be challenging at the best of times, let alone in an emergency. Figuring out the appropriate foods to store and how to use them ahead of time is a great idea. Apparently, others felt the same way about this post.
#2. Make your own soup and save money: This is a great recipe for a cream-based soup mix that can be stored dry and mixed as needed. Our readers really took a liking to this post.
#1. Easy Cast Iron Skillet Biscuits: Right behind the top Firearms post above, our #1 post in the Recipe Box tag actually made #4 of all time (so far) in our Top 5 posts listed yesterday. Like we mentioned yesterday, this recipe is good practice for using your cast iron skillet (and the biscuits are good too).
So there you have two of our most popular categories, and the top posts within them. Did we miss your favorite? Sound off below!

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