02 April 2012

Spring Break: Our current "Top 5" posts as chosen by our readers

Last month, Self-Reliant Info experienced the single largest increase in our readership since we started the site. We thank you all very much for your readership and continued interest in what we have to say.

Since there are a large number of new readers (and because this week is Spring Break), we're doing a recap week. This week's posts will help newer visitors get the lay of the land, and find out what topics and posts are best. We'll start today with or top 5 most popular posts as chosen by our readers:

67 ways to add protein to your food storage and preparedness planning: It's interesting how post popularity changes and evolves. In our Top 5 posts of 2011, this was our #1 post. While people still seem to find it interesting and useful, other posts have certainly eclipsed it. Nevertheless, if you've ever wondered how much protein you get from goat's milk, wild rabbit, or squirrel, now you can find out.
#4. Recipe box: Easy Cast Iron Skillet Biscuits: Our recipes are fairly popular, but this one seemed to attract people's interest... or at least their taste buds. Of course, this is a tasty way for you to practice with your cast iron skillet.
#3. 5 resources for the beginning gun buyer: For a variety of reasons, we generally avoided the topics of firearms on this blog for a long time. Then we realized that we could share the firearms materials that we've found helpful, and this post was born. It seems to have found a niche for other "non-experts," which has encouraged us to do a few more posts in our small (but growing) Self Defense category.
#2. Friday funnies: The End is Near!!: When measured by the sheer volume of readers, our Friday cartoon series is consistently the most popular topic on the site. This particular post seems to get a substantial number of visits from internet searches, which probably contributes to its popularity. Of course, the fact that tons of people are searching for "End of the World" or "the End is Near" is kinda troubling....
And, a drum roll please... our current top post is:
#1. A Preppers' Checklist: When I first read this post from our friends at Bushcraft and Survival Skills, I thought it was an excellent idea, done well. Apparently, our readers agree, since this post has rocketed to the top of our posts' popularity and stayed there. Given its useful information, and the fact that it still gets traffic each week that rivals other newer posts, it seems likely that this checklist will remain king of the mountain for a while.
Well, that's a look at our most popular posts. Thanks again for your support and readership! If you find Self-Reliant Info useful, please be sure to recommend us to your family and friends.

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