06 April 2012

Spring Break: Our current top 5 Friday Funnies posts as chosen by our readers

As we wrap up our Spring Break recap week, we're closing things out with a look at our top 5 Friday Funnies posts. Measuring by the sheer volume of readers, this Friday cartoon series is consistently our most popular topic on the site.(Technically, our Friday Funnies are part of our Humor category, and don't have a tag of their own.)

#5. T
he 2012 apocalypse edition: These cartoons are about the Mayan's supposed prediction about the world ending on December 21 of this year. I assume it's a pretty popular search, and will be for the rest of this year... Y'know, until the world ends and all.  
#4. The lighter side of flooding: Our fourth most popular set of cartoons deals with flooding, flash floods, and related events.
#3. Prepper humor: These cartoons were about preparedness, disasters, and disaster relief. This post is also the oldest one on the list, which shows that it's remained pretty consistently popular.
#2. 12 cartoons on getting out of Dodge: Whether you call it evacuation, bugging out, or getting out of Dodge, these comics take a look at the funny side of it.
And, a drum roll please... our current top Friday Funnies post is:
#1. The End is Near!!: This particular post is a humorous tribute to those guys that carry signs proclaiming the end of the world. It's actually our second-most popular post on the site, with about twice the popularity of the #2 post above.
Well, that wraps up this week's look at our most popular posts. Thanks again for your support and readership! If you find Self-Reliant Info useful, please be sure to recommend us to your family and friends.

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