04 April 2012

Read "A recap of our Top 5 posts on The Practical Prepper" on my Farm Dreams blog

As you may recall, I've got another weekly blog on Farm Dreams titled The Practical Prepper. You can read my newest post there every Wednesday at noon (EST).

Keeping our Spring Break theme going this week, today's post is a recap of our Top 5 posts on The Practical Prepper (Remember, it won't be available until after noon, Eastern time).

I suggest following the link to read the full article, but if you're reading this before noon and/or are impatient, here are the five most popular posts from The Practical Prepper blog:
  1. Becoming a Practical Prepper
  2. Financial preparedness: six tips on reducing debt
  3. Catastrophe! Do you stay or go?
  4. Collecting and purifying water from natural sources
  5. What are you preparing for?
As always, don't forget to check back here again tomorrow for more of our regularly scheduled Self-Reliant Info!

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