17 April 2012

5 ways to improve your handgun skills

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As I've done in my previous posts on beginning gun buyer resourcesconsiderations for selecting the right type and size of firearm, and practical advice on situational awareness, I'm passing on some of the useful firearms information I've found online.

Like I've also mentioned before, Massad Ayoob is my favorite firearms expert. Below are five more videos from Ayoob, each taken from professional training that he provides to both law enforcement officers and gun enthusiasts.

These tips are not especially geared toward beginning gun owners, but you may find that starting with good habits based on this advice will serve you well in the long run.

If you enjoy these videos, you'll probably like Ayoob's "Stressfire" books; I've included links for them at the bottom of this post.

1. Laser sights in your firearms training
Ayoob discusses five ways to use a laser sighting device to improve your shooting accuracy. (After seeing this, don't be surprised if you want to buy a laser sight.)

2. Drilling on sustained fire
In this video Ayoob presents a method to drill yourself in sustained fire; that is, to fire, reload, fire, reload, etc. He also discusses a variety of approaches to magazine reloading, along with why you might use each of them.

3. "Stressfire" reloading for the revolver
Here, Ayoob shows how to use his "Stressfire" method of reloading for revolvers, both for left-and right-handed shooters. He compares his method to some of the past "recommended" ways of reloading and shows how he's improved upon them.

4. Bianchi "Speed Strip" reloading
The "Stressfire" reloading method above assumes the use of a speedloader. In this video, Ayoob offers his advice on using a Bianchi "Speed Strip" to reload a revolver.

5. Carrying a second firearm
In this video, Ayoob talks about good reasons for carrying a second firearm, along with why you should know exactly why you might want to do so.

BONUS: Ayoob's "Stressfire" books
If you liked Ayoob's above information and advice, you may want to check out these two books of his:

Stressfire, Vol. 1 (Gunfighting for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques)

Stressfire II: Advanced Combat Shotgun

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