06 March 2012

Guest post: Ladies, here are 5 essentials for your Grab-and-Go bag

My wife, Anita is back with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at how ladies can customize their Grab-and-Go bag (aka the Bug-Out-Bag). As usual, I've thrown in a few editorial comments, mostly because I just can't resist.  

Hi, Anita Freeman here with a few things for women to consider for their Grab-and-Go bag. Yes, I know about all the important, "manly" stuff that has to be considered, but women have important, "womanly" issues to consider too. So, ladies, just in case you have a guy in charge of your Grab-and-Go bag, take a look at a few things you might want to sneak in there too:
  1. A Camo Grab-and-Go bag: Hey if you trying to survive, why not do it in a fashionable way? Cute, chic, and so ingenious, these come in several shades of Camo. There is one to blend in with every tree you need to blend in with, just pick one depending on the area you live and the surrounding trees!

  2. Color-coordinated Radiation Shielding Respirator: What a fabulous idea! Some of you might already have a couple of these, but I had to share after I stumbled upon these looking for a decent looking purse to buy online this morning. They are available in several cute colors and are so useful and important to carry. If your guy packed something like these but in a drab color, then switch 'em out now! [Editor's note: Wait a minute... didn't you say you were looking for a "Grab-and-Go bag"?]

  3. You Go Girl!: I don't know about some of you, but this "lady" will be in some big trouble without one of these. I can't "Just go in the bushes"!
  4. An Eat'N Tool: I can not have a Grab-and-Go bag and not get some stuff from Think Geek. You all know how much I love Think Geek. [Editor's note: You can read her previous ode to Think Geek here.] This is a great tool and small enough to clip on the Camo purse — um, I mean, Grab-and-Go bag — or on your key chain. As a matter of fact, I think I might keep mine on my key chain right now, cause you never know when they will be giving out free food samples at the supermarket... and they always run out of those teeny spoons so quickly.

  5. My kind of "credit card": Last, but not least, another all-in-one gadget from the great guys at Think Geek. I love tools that have multiple uses, take up little space, and are light weight and easy to carry. If your guy "in charge" thinks there is no reason for a fire starter cause he is just going to rub two sticks together, you need this. With this, you can have the chili cooked and your clothes dried before he can say, "Well I'm doing it just like the book said." [Editor's note: This is so not me. Two sticks? Please. I'm using a lighter.]
So, you ladies enjoy customizing your Grab-and-Go bag. And, if you have a favorite accessory of your own, please let us know in the comment section below!

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