23 March 2012

Friday funnies: Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?

We're back with another look at Zombie Preparedness (check out the first part here). Today's post offers lots of helpful information on identifying zombies and prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse. Also, at the bottom of the post are a couple of zombie infographics.   ツ

(Note: click the images to see them larger and scroll through them.)

Good Advice! (Click to visit Westlake ACE's Zombie Prep site.)

Study this list to know your enemy

Be sure to follow this advice!

Plan out what you'll need for your preparedness kit

At minimum, put together some basic weapons against zombies...

...but it's better to have some diversity in your weapons, so that...

...eventually, you'll be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse

(But don't forget: more guns = less zombies!)

It's helpful to station some kits around in places you frequent, too

This is important! (Applies to Twitter too!)

A useful sheet for planning other aspects of your zombie prep

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