02 February 2012

Quote for today on "unspectacular preparation"

In business or in football, it takes a lot of unspectacular preparation to produce spectacular results. 
– Roger Staubach

While true in business and football, this great quote by Staubach speaks to the heart of the prepper.

Many of the things we preppers have to do are not glamorous or exciting... in fact, they're often downright boring. For instance, who gets excited over inventorying their Bug-Out Bag (BOB), maintaining and rotating their food storage, or sharpening their axe?

However, when you've done the mundane work and you then encounter an emergency, the results are absolutely spectacular! When you need to evacuate quickly, you can count on the supplies in you BOB. Or, when you can't get to the store for food, you have a adequate supply of fresh food in your pantry. Even if you just need to split some wood, your job is easier because you have a sharp axe.

Remember, our "unspectacular preparation" is an investment in our future; when the time is right, you'll be glad for the time you put into your preparedness.


  1. Good article, how ironic that I just spend the last few days practicing "unspectacular preparation" sharpening many of my "survival tools". Will RT!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, leaving the nice comment, and for RTing the link to this!