06 February 2012

10 Quick self-reliant tips courtesy of Martha Stewart

My wife Anita recently pointed out an interesting article from Martha Stewart Living. While the article is technically about saving money, there are a number of excellent self reliant and/or preparedness tips in it. Our 10 favorite tips are shown below:
  1. Buy Bulk with a Friend (splitting bulk foods to save money)
  2. Stock Up on Scraps (using left-over foods)
  3. A Well-Kept Pantry (storing bulk foods)
  4. Maximize Air Flow (air circulation in your home)
  5. Reuse Rainwater (DIY rain barrels)
  6. A Wise Buy (cast iron cookware)
  7. Use Distilled Vinegar to Clean (be sure to visit our related post)
  8. Buy Dried Over Canned (though you really need both)
  9. Dry Leftover Herbs (a dehydrator is your friend)
  10. Keep Inventory (a great idea for prepping food storage)

Each of the above link go directly to the listed tip. However, you can start at the beginning of the whole article by clicking here: Top 50 Money-Saving Tips.

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