16 January 2012

More required reading for the self-reliant and prepared

We're firm believers in the power of reading. Having a good library of books will help you to think for yourself, and consider emergency situations before they occur.

In addition to our series of book reviews and recommendations and our Book Cellar, we like to pass along other helpful resources when we encounter them.

Recently, we came across A Worthwhile Library for 2012 by Kellene Bishop (author of the Preparedness Pro blog). This is a great list, with some basics about each book.

Of Kellene's list, these are on my bookshelf:
I agree that each one of the above belongs on your shelf. Based on the fact that I agree with these books. those that I haven't read on her list are now on my to-read list!

How about you? How many of these have you read?


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    1. A recent comment was posted anonymously to this page with a number of links intended to "expose" Kellene Bishop as an unethical ripoff artist. I've deleted that comment, but not because I pretend to know one way or the other.

      Simply put, I've removed it because I will not allow these pages to become sprawling, derogatory arguments between those who agree and those who do not.

      I've also implemented comment moderation on this blog for similar reasons.

      For the time being, I am still allowing anonymous comments on the pages; however, I would prefer that you use a name, just so I have something to call you in any reply.

      Thanks to all readers who share comments! I appreciate the feedback, and look forward to more helpful and constructive comments in the future!

    2. Understood, just trying to help. A few minutes googling provides everything anybody would want to know.