15 December 2011

Prepper Christmas Ideas: Part 3, True prepping items from Shelf Reliance

In case part 1 and part 2 of this series didn't give you enough ideas, here are yet another set of gift ideas for your favorite prepper this Christmas. For this edition, we wanted to point you toward some deals from Shelf Reliance, courtesy of  Dawn Mays' website, a resident ShelfReliance expert who frequents the #PrepperTalk chats on Twitter. Shelf Reliance company is all about preparedness supplies, so you're definitely helping your loved one be prepared with any of these gifts. (In case you're wondering, we don't profit by posting these... we just like Shelf Reliance!)

The 12 Days of Christmas Sale
First, Shelf Reliance is having their 12 Days of Christmas Sale, where every day a different item will be featured on sale at up to 15% off.

Storm-Proof Matches
$3.99 Sale: $3.47
With 25 matches per box, this is a excellent addition to an emergency kit. These storm-proof matches burn for up to 25 seconds in intense rain and wind. These matches are both storm-proof and can be lit even after being fully submerged in water.

12-in-1 Scissors
$5.49 Sale: $5.46
This tool is a great idea for an emergency kit. The multi-purpose stainless steel tool has 12 useful functions:
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Magnet
  • Can opener
  • Wrench
  • Fish scaler
  • Nut cracker
  • Jar wrench
  • Wire stripper
  • Bottle opener

THRIVE Gift Baskets
You can easily introduce your friends and loved ones to preparedness and food storage with one of these four gifts baskets. Each gift basket comes with all the THRIVE ingredients necessary to make the corresponding recipe:
  • Blueberry Pancake Gift Basket
  • Cheesy Potatoes Gift Basket
  • Raspberry Cake Bars Gift Basket
  • Taco Soup Gift Basket

Goal Zero Nomad 7m
$99.99 Sale: $89.54
The Nomad 7M delivers an ultra-compact yet powerful solar panel that enables you to charge your handheld devices directly from its USB and 12 Volt DC charging ports. Other features:
  • Includes 12 Volt female cigarette adapter
  • 30% smaller than comparable panels
  • Only weighs 13 ounces
  • Pocket for devices and for cell charger
  • Compact foldable fabric case
  • Durable loops for hanging
  • 5+ year lifespan

3 Months of Veggies
$106.49 Sale: $92.99
The Basic 3-Month Veggies package from Shelf Reliance includes 250 total servings of long-lasting THRIVE Foods. A variety of vegetables are included in this package, such as Green Peas and Chopped Spinach. Each of the package's 6 gallon-sized cans give the security and safety of having tasty food on-hand when tough times strike. Like the gift baskets above, this is another great way to give the gift of real preparedness.

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