13 December 2011

Prepper Christmas Ideas: Part 2, Five non-electric deals under $100 at Lehman's

We're back with another set of gift ideas for your favorite prepper this Christmas. This time around, we wanted to point out five deals that Lehman's is offering this week, which are under $100. They're all non-powered items and have a range of prices, so you should be able select a useful preparedness gift to fit your budget. (In case you're wondering, we don't profit by posting these... we just like Lehman's!)

Old Farmer's Almanac 2012 Gardening Calendar
$8.99 Sale: $5.00
This calendar has large date squares with ample room for jotting down schedule notes, surrounded by tidbits of gardening lore, advice and old-time folklore. It also has an outdoor planting table identifying optimum days and moon phases for planting vegetables.

Yaktrax are simple, effective winter footwear gear for walking on packed snow and ice. Just strap them on and hundreds of biting edges dig into snow or ice to keep you from slipping. The natural rubber blend holds fast to shoes

Antique Bronze Key-Wound Alarm Clock
$32.95 Sale: $20.00
This old-fashioned alarm clock is key-wound, so it never needs electricity or batteries. Your clock will keep on ticking, even if the power goes out or if there's an EMP or CME event.

Small Nickel Heat-Powered Fan
$109.95 Sale: $79.00
Redistribute warm air from your wood stove around your home. These fans convert the heat energy from the stove into electrical energy to power the blades.

The Split and Kindling Set
$149.95 Sale: $99.00
This gift set will make any camper or wood burner happy. The Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe and 3-lb Mini Maul; a beautifully matched set of high-quality tools.

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