29 December 2011

2011 Best of Self-Reliant Info: Your favorites by category

For the last week of 2011, we're doing a review of the year's posts. For the first two posts of the week we covered the Top 10 most popular posts as chosen by our readers (numbers #10 through #6 were Monday's post and the top 5 were presented in Tuesday's post). We're back today with our readers' favorite posts in five popular categories:

Favorite Book Review
"One Second After" by William R. Forstchen: This book was one of the things that propelled me fully into preparedness. It seems that others are interested in finding out more about this book too, since it's the most popular book review I've written.

Favorite Guest Post
Self-reliance requires stamina: Every now and again, my wife Anita gives me a break by writing a post for me. This one, about the amount of physical work involved in a self-reliant lifestyle, won the most hearts of our readers.

Favorite Prep30 Post
Don't confuse preparedness with paranoia: Prep30 was a series of daily posts that we ran for this year's National Preparedness Month in September. The entire series was pretty popular, but this one was the most widely read. It seemed to resonate with readers that were seeking reassurance that being prepared doesn't make you a paranoid nutjob.

Favorite Recipe
No-knead, whole-wheat bread in a Dutch oven, part 1: This simple whole-wheat bread is based on the no-knead bread recipe popularized by the New York Times. (Part 1 of the post involves the basic recipe, baked in a regular oven, while part 2 shows how to bake the bread in the outdoors, using charcoal.)

Favorite Words of Wisdom
Quote for today on self-reliance, politics, and government: We regularly present some quotes related to preparedness or self-reliance, and most of them are pretty widely read. That this one was the most popular was a bit surprising, since it includes politics. Of course, that may be because it simply advocates participating in politics and does not choose a political side.


  1. Love your blog, so a countdown list was a great idea. Not only does it remind me of posts I enjoyed but I found a couple I had missed (shame on me!) I too enjoyed "One Second After", as scary as it was in spots. I also enjoyed "The Day After Tomorrow", it really got me thinking about non-technology. Water safety, water pressure, a cottage economy, roles we all fill and *could* fill and so on. Have you read it yet?

    Do you have posts planned for skills in the new year?

  2. Thanks Carolyn, I appreciate the nice comments! Thanks too for reading! I've not read "The Day After Tomorrow", so I'll have to look it up.