27 December 2011

2011 Best of Self-Reliant Info: Top 5 most popular posts

In this last holiday week of 2011, we're doing a review of the year's posts. For the first two posts of the week, we're channeling David Letterman and covering the Top 10 most popular posts as chosen by our readers. This second part covers the top 5 posts (numbers #10 through #6 were yesterday's post):

5. Self-reliance around the Web: three examples of DIY rocket stove designs: As I was looking around the Web for a Do-It-Yourself rocket stove, I found these three designs. Posting them for others' reference and feedback resulted in a surprisingly popular post.

4. Bartering and self-reliance: Nine sustainable things you can barter: Many of our most popular posts have taken me by surprise; this one is a rare exception. I thought this post would be popular, and that was borne out by our readers.

3. Friday funnies: Prepper humor: Another in our widely enjoyed cartoon series, this one just happened to be a later one in the series, and had a slightly larger starting audience than some of the prior editions.

2. Shipping container homes: the ultimate in self-reliance?: The success of this post startled me. It quickly vaulted to the most popular position and held on to it every week, until the current top post (below) was written. I've been fascinated by container homes since I first learned of them. I can only assume that this posts' popularity is the because many others are intrigued too.

1. 67 ways to add protein to your food storage and preparedness planning: We suspected that this post would be of interest and use to our readers, but it has exceeded all of our expectations. As of this writing, this post has been up less than a week, yet it has half again more readers than the #2 post, which has been out for a couple months. Wow! We certainly appreciate all those who've passed this post along and led to it's success!

Well, that's a look at our most popular posts. Tomorrow will be our regularly scheduled weekly post at The Practical Prepper on the Farm Dreams website, and then we'll return here with two more year-in-review posts.

Thanks very much for your readership this year! Please be sure to recommend us to your family and friends and stay tuned as we head into 2012!

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