26 December 2011

2011 Best of Self-Reliant Info: Most popular posts, #10 through #6

In this last holiday week of 2011, we're doing a review of the year's posts. For the first two posts of the week, we're channeling David Letterman and covering the Top 10 most popular posts as chosen by our readers. This first part covers posts #10 through #6:

10. Friday funnies: Christmas in modern America: We began the Friday Funnies series of posts in to offer a little humor on kind-of related topics. The series has been very popular, enough so for this last edition from 2011 to land a spot in our top-10 list.

9. How to re-season used cast iron cookware in 12 easy steps: Finding and reconditioning used cast iron cookware is both frugal and self-reliant. This popular post covers the process I use to recondition the old cast iron that I find.

8. Seven self-reliance magazines (and websites!) that you can't afford to miss: One of my personal favorites, this post covers the seven magazines with self-reliant themes that we regularly read. In addition, we provide links to the magazines' websites, each of which provides useful self-reliance information for free!

7. The lighter side of prepping: eight zombie preparedness cartoons: Though not actually named that way, this was the very first Friday Funnies post. Since zombies are a hot topic this year, this collection of cartoons was actually our overall most popular post for a while.

6. What you need to know about the nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) test: While the EAS test ended up being not that big a deal, people were understandably concerned about it beforehand. This timely post, providing a breakdown of what the EAS is and what the test meant, was a reader favorite in the days leading up to the (non-) event.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for part two of this post, covering our top five most popular posts.

In the meantime, are any of these posts your favorite? Please let us know why (or why not) below!

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