30 December 2011

2011 Best of Self-Reliant Info: Five useful posts you may have missed

For the last week of 2011, we're doing a review of the year's posts. The first two posts of the week covered the Top 10 most popular posts as chosen by our readers (numbers #10 through #6 were Monday's post and the top 5 were presented in Tuesday's post). Thursday's post was our readers' favorite posts in five popular categories.

Our final post of this holiday week presents five "hidden gems" — posts that you may have missed, but are worth the time to read:

Five tips to consider before you start your next "do-it-yourself" project: Part of being self-reliant is doing things for yourself. However, before you tackle that DIY project, be sure you're properly prepared.

Financial self-reliance: six tips on reducing debt: Like it or not, debt is a kind of bondage; you cannot be truly self-reliant with any debt. While a case can be made for mortgage debt (and sometimes automobile debt), your degree of personal freedom is inversely proportional to your level of personal debt.

Keep some basic emergency tools and supplies in your vehicle: Part of our Prep30 series, this post outlines some basics that you should keep in your automobile (customized to your location and climate, naturally).

Some ideas for cooking in foil: We had a popular post on how to fold aluminum foil cooking packets a while back, and this post provides a couple of easy recipes to try out your skills.

Don't advertise your preparedness planning: Another in our Prep30 series, this post offers tips on how to be discreet in implementing your preparedness plans, so that you don't become a magnet for the unprepared, or a target for bandits and thieves.

Thanks again for reading and making us welcome in our first 6 months of Self-Reliant Info!

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