07 November 2011

What does TEOTWAWKI look like, anyway?

Part of being self-reliant is you and your family being prepared to live through major upheavals, whether in your personal life or in the world around you. The latter category is often referred to as The End Of The World As We Know It, or TEOTWAWKI for short. Common examples of what might bring about "The End" are economic collapse, terrorist attack, or world war.

To be prepared for such events involves thinking about how things might transpire, how the world might change, and how you may want to prepare for (or respond to) the new world you'll find yourself in. Below are some video series that some "preppers" have made to help you think through some possible scenarios:

These are not my videos; they belong to their respective creators. Bear in mind that these are not polished, theatrical productions. They're simply videos put together to get you thinking about what could happen, and how you can prepare:

Economic Collapse

Part 1 (Food Shortages)

Part 2 (Prepping for Bartertown)

Part 3 (Un-Welcome at Bartertown)

Part 4 (Foraging for Food)

World War

Series Intro/Overview

Part 1 (Day 1: And so it begins)

Part 2 (Day 2)

Part 3 (Day 3: False Hopes)

Part 4 (Day 4: Blood In The Water)

Part 5 (Day 7: Troubles at Home)

Part 6 (Day 8: SHTF)

Without Rule Of Law (WROL)

Part 1 (Storm & Possible Terrorist Attack)

Part 2 (Storm and Looting)

Part 3 (The Final Cut- SITREP)

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