02 November 2011

Guest post: For preparedness & survival gadgets, Think Geek

A couple weeks ago, we posted a guest post from my wife, Anita. Response to her post was positive, so she's back for another turn... this time with a tip on where to get some helpful preparedness or self-reliant gear, or at least a free chuckle. As before, I've thrown in a few editorial comments, mostly because I just can't resist.  :)

Hi there, Mrs. Freeman here again. Mr. Freeman is a great guy, very savvy with preparedness skills, and the one I want with me when the SHTF. But, when it comes to preparedness shopping… I think that is my department. [Editor's note: And her work is never done....  Just kidding, honey... please put down the frying pan.]

I've been shopping with a company called Think Geek for a while now. I mostly buy things that are preparedness/survival oriented, and mainly for Atticus. But, there are also things that we can both use in time of need, especially things that we can throw into our Emergency Bag.

Think Geek is a funny little company, and I mean that literally. The writers are comical and crafty. Sometimes, I just go to their website to read the descriptions of products when I am having a bad day. It's a quick way for a smile or a chuckle. [Editor's note: The writers are huge geeks, and love zombies and Star Wars, among other things.]

If you read past the humor, there are some serious preparedness/survival items that are unique, reasonably priced, and a pretty good value for the money. The "unique" items are what I find the most useful. Aside from the gag type items there are things like solar chargers, self-powered items, and tools that are small enough to fit in your pocket or emergency bag easily.

One item that I bought was a Survival Kit in a Sardine Can for $9.99 — it's practical, reasonably priced, and was a great stocking stuffer for Atticus at Christmas. This kit is small, lightweight, waterproof, and contains the following items:

Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.com
  • Non-aspirin pain reliever
  • adhesive bandage
  • alcohol prep pad
  • antibiotic ointment
  • book of matches
  • compass
  • chewing gum
  • sugar
  • salt
  • energy nugget
  • duct tape
  • fire starter cube
  • first aid instructions
  • fish hook & line
  • note paper
  • pencil
  • razor blade
  • safety pin
  • reflective signal surface
  • tea bag
  • waterproof bag
  • whistle
  • wire clip
I think these are also great to carry in your car, when traveling, or for camping.

There are many more items at www.thinkgeek.com that you should check out. Type in the word “survival” in the search box on the site and browse through all the useful items. You can also look in the other departments on their website for more preparedness/survival merchandise like Gadgets, Geek Toys, and Electronics.  [Editor's note: Personally, I really like the Security & Spy Stuff section.]

Or you could just read the products descriptions for a laugh. Don’t forget to check out the Bacon Items!  You'll love this website; I do, especially for the gift-giving season.

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