30 November 2011

Becoming "The Practical Prepper"

Starting on December 7, 2011, there will be a slight change to the posting schedule here at Self-Reliant Info (SRI). I'm starting a weekly blog on the new Farm Dreams social media site, which will be posted every Wednesday.

My new blog is titled The Practical Prepper, and it will deliver just what the title promises: practical information and advice on preparedness. As with my preparedness-themed posts here on SRI, The Practical Prepper will also take a balanced look at why prepping is important and sensible, rather than focusing on "the-sky-is-falling" style posts.

Of course, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that we also believe being prepared is just one aspect of being self-reliant. Consequently, there won't be much change to our mission or content here on SRI, other than that Wednesdays may be a little slower. The good news is that we'll be offering the same helpful information on developing your self-reliance throughout the rest of the week.

At this point, you may be asking, "what is 'Farm Dreams'?" Glad you asked! Here's how the site's organizer, Dusty Bottoms, describes Farm Dreams:
Farm Dreams is an online community for anyone interested in sustainable farming, homesteading, prepping and living more freely and independently.
The goal ... is to help connect like-minded souls who are interested in more independent and sustainable living. Whether you're interested in becoming a farmer or cheese maker, a homesteader, preparing for a societal collapse or just want to live farm life vicariously through connecting with others, Farm Dreams aims to be a resource for all of the above. We believe the diverse topics of survival, homesteading/farming and preparedness are all connected. With your help, we will build a community that will weave those topics together so that will may all learn, becoming inspired and take action to make our lives more fulfilling and more independent.
As you can see, Farm Dreams "gets it" — this entire description describes those who want to live a freer, more self-reliant lifestyle.

What's more, Farm Dreams is a place for building community and sharing our ideas and experiences. As I've said before, self-reliance isn't about isolation; we need a dialog with others to learn and improve that quality in ourselves. That's why I'm glad to take up my post as The Practical Prepper, because I hope to have more discussion with like-minded folks.

And, Farm Dreams enables that conversation with its many robust tools. As noted above, Farm Dreams is a social media gathering place, in some ways parallel to Facebook, but targeted directly toward the homesteader/farmer/prepper community.

A few of the site's features are described below. Note that you must be a signed-in member for the following links to function properly, but since membership is free, that shouldn't present a problem:
  • Blogs: As you might suspect from this post, blogs are a featured part of Farm Dreams. There are five weekly blogs, including The Practical Prepper, and a daily blog by Dusty Bottoms himself.
  • Chat: Similar to Facebook, there is a built-in chat feature at the bottom of the site. You can just click on another member's name to initiate a chat with them.
  • Groups/Forums: There are a plethora of themed groups available, functioning as online discussion boards. Naturally, there's a set of groups related to survival and prepping.
  • Classifieds: This is an area for free online classified ads, great for buying and selling your wares. There's even sections set aside for bartering transactions.
  • Resources: This area is a kind of "library" of online materials aimed at helping people learn more on living, or transitioning to, a homestead/farming lifestyle.
I'm excited about this new opportunity, and I hope you'll stop by Farm Dreams and participate in the community there.

However, in many important ways, The Practical Prepper blog is simply an extension of our work at the Self-Reliant Info blog, so please continue to join us here!

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