31 October 2011

A video primer to EMP attacks and solar CME events

As a writer, it's natural for me to write about topics to get my point across. Still, I recognize that some people find video to be a better way to learn about subjects, especially when they're technical or scientific. As such, I thought I'd collect some relevant video material on the threat presented by electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and coronal mass ejection (CME).

As a bonus, you can watch the full version of National Geographic's Electronic Armageddon at the end of this post. After watching these videos, you may want to read our previous EMP/CME posts here on Self-Reliant Info.

An introduction to EMP:

How does an EMP cause damage?

Watch an EMP disable a car:

CMEs are similar; here's how they work:

Some congressional leaders do recognize the threat:

What can you do about EMP?

BONUS: Watch the full episode of National Geographic's Electronic Armageddon:

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