09 August 2011

Quote of the day on kid's (or anyone's) preparedness

The wily hare has three burrows. - Chinese proverb
In keeping with a back-to-school theme, this is a quote that you can share with your kids.

I like this quote because it has the flavor like the stories of Aesop's Fables. It's short, implies some action, and has a definite moral to the story.

You can almost see the hare sprinting for one burrow, only to see the way blocked by a wolf. A quick dash to the side, and the hare is safe and sound in an extra burrow... because it was ready before it was needed.

It's a brief, but excellent, demonstration of preparedness that most kids would readily understand, I think.

(On a somewhat related note: my original post for Tuesday was also related to kids and preparedness. Unfortunately, my blog editor ended up losing half the post, so that article will be posted on Wednesday.) 

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