18 August 2011

Quote for today on when to prepare

It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark. – Howard Ruff

Howard Ruff is an author and financial advisor who generally advocates preparedness, food storage, and putting your savings in safer financial investments like precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, valuable coins, etc.). He's also puts out The Ruff Times, a similar money investing newsletter.

This quote says it all, whether you're thinking about how to best save your nest egg or just your overall preparedness planning.

Just like building an ark, your overall preparedness plan takes time to implement. The longer you put off working on saving food, or lowering your debt, or any other preparedness efforts, the greater the chance you'll be "swept away" when a flood comes.

Don't wait until it starts raining to build your ark. Do something... even one little thing... today. Right now!

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