23 August 2011

Learning about preparedness: finding alternate resources, part 3

Part 1 of this post series focused on online classes, while part 2 focused on online video training. This time around, we'll take a look at finding your self-reliant and preparedness information through DVD media.

The online video resources mentioned in part 2 are very helpful, but there are also DVD preparedness resources that are equally useful. Note that I provide links to Amazon.com for these materials so that you can see and evaluate them. However, it might be worth checking your local library so that you can try the material out first. (Of course, if you do find any of these DVDs useful and would like to buy a copy, I'd appreciate your using the links provided. Thanks!)

Emergency Preparedness - Awareness & SurvivalA good, basic DVD is Emergency PreparednessIt discusses ways to prepare for a variety of emergency situations including weather-related disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and floods), earthquakes, power outages, terrorism/bioterrorism, pandemics, influenza, nuclear radiation emergencies, effects of global warming (the video's from 2006, when that was the "consensus"), and civil unrest. At 75 minutes, this video moves very quickly through the topics. It's more of a wake-up call than detailed how-to information. However, for the novice prepper, it's not a bad beginning.

In some cases, the DVD is bundled with a reference book. This is my preferred type of "offline" resource, though it's not nearly as common. That way, I first get the speed and utility of learning from a video; however, I also have a hard copy that's now dependent on electricity to use, and typically has a greater amount of information to boot.

Your Survival: Protect Yourself from Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Flu Pandemics, and other DisastersA good example of this type of combo resource is Your Survival by Dr. Bob Arnot and Mark Cohen. I prefer this material to the above Emergency Preparedness DVD because it's more specific in helping you figure out what to do. In just a little longer time (90 minutes), this DVD covers a similar range of emergencies, but it includes checklists to help you: prepare your emergency food storage, ensure that you're adequately insured, improve your success with SOS calls and e-mails in an emergency, and make changes to protect your home and your family against a variety of crises.

The Home: UrbanMaster Volume 1 (DVD)Perhaps one of my favorite preparedness DVDs is Ron Hood's UrbanMaster set of videos: The Home (Volume 1) and Away from Home (Volume 2). These programs focuses less on the types of disasters or convincing you that they're possible. Instead, they assume that you already understand that and are actually trying to get ready. Ron Hood and his wife (Karen) go through a lot of real-world preparations, explaining things in a simple, direct way that makes things clear. There's a lot of practical advice that most people concerned with getting prepared will find very helpful.

Ron Hood has an entire series of similar videos covering survival topics, any of which would be helpful in developing your self-reliance skills and your preparedness. (Sadly, the Hoods' official website (www.survival.com) was updated in June 2011 to indicate that Ron Hood had passed away.)

So that's a good start for some DVD resources. In part 4 of this series, we'll discuss finding local and/or in-person training to help you become more self reliant and be prepared.

Until then... what DVDs have you found to be helpful in developing your self-reliance?

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