27 July 2011

Quote for today on self-reliance and simplicity

Do for yourself or do without. – Gaylord Perry
This short-but-sweet quote seemed pretty appropriate following my post yesterday on working toward a self-reliant retirement.

In my opinion, Perry's quote epitomizes the self-reliant philosophy: provide what you can for yourself, and/or simplify your life to eliminate those things you can't provide. (Like I mentioned a while back, a simple lifestyle is the key to self-reliance and freedom.)

Of course, this is primarily a goal for most people, especially those just discovering their self-reliance. It's the rare person who is willing or able to suddenly make such a change in all areas of their life. Remember, it's okay to make the changes gradually, so long as you're moving forward toward your new lifestyle.

Which do you favor... doing it yourself, or doing without? Or, do you feel there are areas of your life where neither apply? Please share below!

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