20 July 2011

Quote for today on preparedness

Preparedness, when properly pursued, is a way of life, not a sudden, spectacular program. – Spencer W. Kimball
Spencer Kimball was the twelfth president of the LDS Church, which urges its members to "prepare for adversity." Regardless of your religious beliefs, this is sound advice.

It's not very productive to rush out and buy a bunch of supplies, then just let them sit on the shelf. Eventually, some of your supplies will lose their usefulness, especially as anything perishable expires.

It's much better to gradually incorporate preparedness into all aspects of your life. Stock up and store food you like and will use regularly. Buy an extra item or two for your emergency kit every time you go to the store. Periodically throughout the day, think about where you're at, and consider what you'd do if a disaster struck at that moment.

Continuing to make small improvements to your preparedness and incorporating it into your daily life will not only make you ready for a disaster, but it will make you more self-reliant too.

What have you done today (or at least this week) to improve your preparedness?

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