09 June 2011

Hello world!

Welcome! The posts here aim to provide practical advice and how-to information on developing your self-reliance. My overarching goal here is to foster a freer, stronger society by helping you realize:

...how your lifestyle, which relies on an intricate web of transactions driven by technology, can vanish in a flash.

...what you can do to prevent, or at least control, the effects of losing electricity and modern technology.

...that there’s nothing inherently wrong with technology. But, to truly be “free,” you should choose its use consciously, on your terms. (You also need to know what to do when it’s gone.)

...that individuals should be self-sufficient, but cannot live in isolation; we need to remember that others are a necessary part of our lives.

Cultivating your personal responsibility leads to increased personal self-reliance, which leads to a secure family, and eventually to a stronger community. Only in this way are we truly capable of having the free “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” that our nation’s architects intended.