11 June 2011

A guide to this blog's structure

So, how's this site work? Glad you asked! Basically, the goal is to post new material each day (Monday through Friday) to help you develop your self-reliance.

The posts will generally be spread across the categories described below. As I get feedback from you, and things solidify with the blog, I intend to align the categories with specific days of the week:

  • How-to Handbook: This is original content written by me, providing specific how-to information on self-sufficiency, homesteading, and/or preparedness topics. The topic of the posts will generally follow the overarching theme for that month, but will be influenced by reader feedback and/or current events. 
  • Recipe Box: These recipes will focus on simplicity in ingredients and preparation. They'll focus on using of food staples, home storage, local food sources, and basic cooking methods. 
  • Gallimaufry: This is a grab-bag of things from around the Web related to your preparedness, self-reliance, independence, or freedom. These posts will center on a link to some external page, but will include my summary, review, and/or editorial comments. Typical items might be exceptional posts by other self-reliance, preparedness, or other related bloggers; links to new or unique gear or tools; or tasteful humor that is related to the topics of this blog. 
  • Self-Reliant Philosophy: This is also original content written by me, but focusing on the "why" that complements the "how-to" of self-reliance. The topic of these posts will typically follow an overarching theme for that month, but may be influenced by reader requests and/or current events. 
  • Book Recommendations: Maintaining your own hardcopy "library" of preparedness and self-reliance information is preferable for when the Internet isn't available. These posts will recommend new and old books to consider adding to your library. Where available, a direct link to the publication will be provided for your convenience. 
  • News/Events: Whenever applicable news articles come up, I'll post them as "Self-Reliance News". These will be links to related current events and/or news stories with my editorial comments and views on why they're relevant. These posts will be posted as the need arises, in a timely manner, but not on a set schedule. 
  • Quotes: From time to time, I'll post topical quotes under the category "Words of Wisdom".

As pointed out above, I welcome your feedback. If there are topics you'd like to see addressed, or suggestions you have for improvement, please let me know in the comment section below. You may also e-mail me at selfreliantinfo at gmail dot com if you prefer. Please let me know what you'd like to see here!

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