29 July 2012

Waiting for the next post?

If so, all I can say is... don't hold your breath, unless you look good in blue. ツ

As I mentioned last Monday, we're going on hiatus for a while.

It will be at least two weeks before we post again, and maybe longer.

With any luck, we'll be able to do some sporadic posting later in August, and perhaps we'll be back with a new posting schedule in time for National Preparedness Month in September.

Until the next time, stay safe, and God bless you!

27 July 2012

Friday funnies: the lighter side of endings

Well, as we round out my wind-down week to our pending hiatus, I realized that this will be the last Friday Funnies for at least a while. It's kind of a bummer, since doing these posts were fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy them quite a bit. Nonetheless, we still have one more round of comics for you, and appropriately enough, they all revolve around "the end." ツ

Our "final" infographic at the bottom of the page is a brief history of doomsday (you know, the end of the world!).

26 July 2012

The Vocabulary of Self-Reliance: SIP, GOOD, & BOV

With the pending changes to our posting schedule here on SRI, we're discussing Bugging Out, GOOD, BOV, Bugging In, and SIP:    ツ

25 July 2012

Read "Change is inevitable — for life and this blog" on Farm Dreams

As you may recall, I've got another weekly blog on Farm Dreams titled The Practical Prepper. You can read my newest post there every Wednesday.

Today's post is titled Change is inevitable — for life and this blog (bear in mind that it might not be available until after noon, Eastern time.)

The linked article concludes my initial run of posts on the The Practical Prepper blog, and provides a retrospective of my articles there... kind of an index, of sorts.

As always, don't forget to check back here again tomorrow for more of our regularly scheduled Self-Reliant Info!

24 July 2012

Quote for today on finding our way

If we don’t change the direction we are headed, we will end up where we are going.

– Chinese Proverb

23 July 2012

More changes at Self-Reliant Info

Hi everyone... there have recently been some major changes at my day job, which will require more of my time. As such, I'm taking some time off from my scheduled blogging.

We'll be finishing out this week as usual, but next week things will change because I am unable to maintain a regular blogging schedule as I have been doing. With luck, I hope to return to regular posting later in the year after my schedule settles down.

In the interim, I hope to be able to post something at least once a week, though I can't guarantee that. Depending on how things go, you may see a few posts from my wife Anita every now and again too.

In conclusion, thanks again to all of my readers, especially those who read our material regularly. May God bless you all, and stay prepared!    ツ

20 July 2012

Friday funnies: the 2012 apocalypse — revisited

There's just about 5 months until the supposed end of the Mayan calendar on 21 December 2012. So, let's follow-up our first round of 2012-end-of-the-world cartoons with a second helping.   ツ

As usual, the infographic at the bottom of the page is related, and has some (perhaps questionable) information about the presumed apocalypse.